Clinical Trials Software
That Puts You In Control provides exceptional technological solutions to the clinical research industry.

Now there’s an easier way to address regulatory obligations and compliance challenges. As regulations become more burdensome and labor costs rise, solutions can help you stay ahead.

We enable clinical research sites to meet regulatory obligations with ease.

As a client, you will leverage our technological expertise to conduct more studies, increase efficiency and reduce mistakes, all without requiring additional staff. Our platform becomes smarter with each new study and thereby increasingly saving you valuable time. Expect 3X to 10X improvement in efficiency!

How We Can Help

Our sole focus is to help the clinical trials industry. We’re working hard to provide modern, intuitive software that frees up resources and reduces headaches. As trials keep evolving in complexity, it is becoming more apparent that the same old procedures aren’t keeping up. Inspection findings are much more costly than adopting the right technology, procedures, and best practices.

We work closely with clinical trials facilities to understand their SOPs and provide solutions to help address their nuanced needs. By integrating your proprietary workflows, we help remove barriers to adoption and help you focus on your primary responsibilities. Free your medical staff to focus on the jobs you hired them to do.

The clinical trials industry is ready for better tools to help stay ahead of the evolving demands of sponsors and regulators.

Benefits of Our Platform

Reduce Study Initiation Time

Set yourself apart in the eyes of sponsors and CROs. Find out how you can start earning profits sooner and capture more business.

Organize eRegulatory Binders

Our system streamlines regulatory binder organization, matching your existing SOPs, minimizing transition time…

Simplify Tracking

Keep track of essential documents, sponsor correspondence, required signatures, and logs. Never wonder what the status of regulatory is again.

Enable Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring features puts you in control. You may grant access to Sponsors and CROs, specify which folders and logs they see…

Electronic Delegation and Training Logs

Stop wondering if the appropriate task were delegated and prerequisite training completed. You no long need to chase staff and PIs for signatures…

“eRegBinder has saved us so much time and makes regulatory much more efficient. The ability to document training and delegation electronically has played a huge role in improving our workflow.” 

Patricia Larrabee, NP

Founder & CEO,
Rochester Clinical Research

“We, as a site, love using eRegBinder. As the administrator of the system, I’m impressed with the functionality, level of customization, and quick and efficient responsiveness of’s customer support.”

Matt Lowery, ACRP-CP, CCRC

Director of Clinical Research,
Suncoast Neuroscience Associates

“ is a prompt service provider who is sincere in their approach and steadfast to continue to develop their platform to meet our needs. We were able to leverage the efficiencies of eRegBinder to facilitate the transition of over 50 trials to a new research location.”

Nathan Morton

CCRC Senior Director / Co-Owner
Coastal Carolina Research Center

“As a busy research site that has historically conducted over 700 industry clinical trials. has been crucial to a workforce that is increasingly remote or working within flexible working environments, enhancing our ability to organize our study documents and processing regulatory documents.”

Nathan Morton

CCRC Senior Director / Co-Owner
Coastal Carolina Research Center

“On January 1st, 2021, we were able to leverage the efficiencies of their eRegBinder to facilitate the transition of over 50 trials to a new research location.”

Nathan Morton

CCRC Senior Director / Co-Owner
Coastal Carolina Research Center

“I’m impressed with the operational efficiency we achieved with’s platform. The ability to sign documents digitally, track expirations, and set up alerts & reminders enabled us to take on more trials while maintaining the highest quality.”

Executive Leader

Baptist Health
Center for Clinical Research

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