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Announcing Study Participant Payments


Paying clinical trial participants is a common, longstanding practice. As far back as 1900, Walter Reed paid study participants $100 in gold to allow mosquitoes infected by yellow fever to bite them (and an additional $100 if they contracted the disease!). Yet paying trial participants is still fraught with inefficiencies, it’s costly, susceptible to fraud, and poses accounting and billing challenges. is thrilled to announce a significant step in helping research organizations manage study participant payments and reimbursements. After collecting extensive feedback from the research community and dedicating countless hours finetuning, we proudly announce a new participant payment feature available in the Research Suite. ClinicallyPay enables you to quickly pay study participants using multiple modalities and efficiently track, audit, and even rescind payments. The fine grained security in CRS allows you to delegate payment authority, and customizable, built-in alerts enable you to conduct oversight and receive notifications based on limits you define.

Our steadfast goal remains to put you in control of your research software. We’re excited to offer you another tool to further that goal and help you improve efficiencies, simplify operations and finances, and enable you to focus on your patients.

Please reach out to us if you’re interested in learning more. We’d be glad to discuss your needs and explore how we can assist you and your organization in achieving your goals.