Are You Setting Resolutions Or Goals?


At last, we’ve closed the book on 2020 – Happy New Year, everyone. Here at, we are incredibly excited to welcome 2021 and continue the support we provide to our partners in their battle to deliver lifesaving medicine. Together we plan to keep on learning, growing, and building.

January is the time of year many of us make resolutions. It makes sense – fresh year, new beginnings, and a longstanding cultural tradition. However, we at do not make them. It’s not that we think resolutions are a bad thing: we strongly believe that resolutions are a way to define intent, guide actions and set goals. However, intent on its own is not enough.

We are an engineering organization built to serve researchers, medical professionals, scientists, and ultimately patients. Our mission is to provide clinical trial software that puts you in control, and in 2020 we achieved our mission by releasing eRegBinder. This tool has allowed our clients to focus valuable time on the real goals of the year – solving critical health challenges.

Our goal for 2021 is to release eSourceBinder. This is not a resolution – it is a singular, concrete, well-defined goal. We are working tirelessly to achieve this goal, thereby further achieving our mission, which again, is to provide clinical trial software that puts you in control. It bears repeating, as so much of the paperwork and day to day tasks at clinical sites can chip away at control of business outcomes.

I hold us accountable to meet our goals, as do our partners and everyone at What are your goals? How can we ensure you achieve them in 2021 and beyond? Stay in touch – we are excited for this year and beyond.

Henry Kravchenko