CRPN - control your research budget’s CEO Joins CRPN’s Advisory Board

SHARE is pleased to announce our CEO, Henry Kravchenko, is joining the advisory board of the Clinical Research Payment Network (CRPN). & CRPN share a common vision of putting sites in control of their research technology and budgets, respectively. Henry’s technology leadership background will complement CRPN’s board’s deep clinical research and study budgeting expertise and help support CRPN continued growth and success.


Brief description of CRPN, its purpose, and vision

Sites currently performing trials in the clinical research industry frequently have negative experiences with business operations and finances. Sponsors and CROs must better comply with payments, agreed-upon timelines, and contractual obligations. Further, sites’ legal and business rights are frequently violated as a standard practice. Many clinical research sites often feel like Sponsors, and CROs treat them subserviently rather than as true partners.

The Clinical Research Payment Network (CRPN) aims to address these inequities toward sites. Our primary business objective ensures clinical site partners have what they need when they need it to perform quality, affordable, and accountable clinical research. 

CRPN offers free networking opportunities to our site partners. Complete your site profile and receive custom opportunities tailored to your site’s needs and capabilities at no cost. 

CRPN offers financial solutions to sites and sponsors that streamline the entire research process and foster trusting, professional relationships between industry collaborators. Imagine starting trials with a Sponsor without needing to negotiate every trial budget. Maintain, control, and negotiate a single budget with a single organization dedicated to your financial success instead of continually negotiating the same line items with every awarded trial. At CRPN, you are in control, and we are here to empower your business success.

CRPN also offers accountability. Our PACT scores are the industry’s first risk assessments designed to provide transparent and clear metrics that help you to make educated and justified business decisions. From the collective stories of your professional peers (the sites), understand which industry partners behave rightly in the industry and which industry partners may generate additional business risks before signing an agreement. 

CRPN offers education. Our Good Clinical Business Practice training is continually updated by our site partners to clearly communicate appropriate business expectations. Sponsors maintaining this training proactively demonstrate their commitment to healthy business relationships with site partners. Sites maintaining this training demonstrate to Sponsors they understand proper business expectations and communicate to sponsors an expectation to require best business practices. Combined, GCBP offers a transparent expectation between industry collaborators about how to conduct business in a healthy clinical research business relationship. 

Together, CRPN’s networking, financial, accountability, and educational services foster a collaborative environment that ensures our site partners and sponsor members have everything they need to perform quality research. CRPN always welcomes interested clinical sites to join our network and experience how we may serve their needs. Contact CRPN today if you are interested in joining our network and experiencing our offerings.