and ACRP Host Webinar in Virtual Conference TechXpo Series

SHARE and ACRP Host Webinar in Virtual Conference TechXpo Series 

New York, N.Y. – Clinical Trials software company announces their upcoming webinar on June 18th, 2020 at 12:00 PM titled: Is Your Site Ready for the “New Normal?” One Site’s Journey to Implementing New Technology for Remote Work and Increased Efficiency. Hosted in conjunction with the Association of Clinical Research Professionals Virtual Conference 2020 TechXpo series, this webinar will feature Patricia Larrabee, RN, NP, Founder & CEO of Rochester Clinical Research Inc. and Henry Kravchenko CEO of Inc. 

From Mrs. Larrabee: “When spoke with me about discussing our sites technology experience at an upcoming webinar, I realized all sites were undergoing a period of very rapid adaptation to new technology. This is a much faster pace than any of us had ever experienced; forced upon us all by the recent pandemic. We all can benefit in these times and learn from our shared experiences. I thought it might be good to share in this forum and with the ACRP community what we are learning as we adopt new technologies at our site.”

Topics to be covered include 

  • Times have changed. How do you deal with resistance when it happens? 
  • How do you adjust your SOP’s to adopt new technology? 
  • Will continued remote work and access increase efficiency throughout the organization? 
  • How can sites justify/recoup some of the costs associated with eReg? 
  • Is there a benefit to “new” vs. “old” technology? Does the platform matter? 

Mr. Kravchenko states: was founded to help the Clinical Trials community by providing the best in class eReg software. In partnership with ACRP, we are excited to bring technology to the forefront of conversation, thereby facilitating a more informed discussion around adoption, pitfalls, and best practices in incorporating technology in clinical trials.” 

You will hear how one clinical research organization is successfully adapting modern clinical trials software during these unprecedented and challenging times. 

Registration for the webinar is free and does not require a paid membership to ACRP. 

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About provides differentiated technological solutions to the clinical research industry, helping research facilities focus on conducting studies as efficiently as possible.’s modern, intuitive software frees up resources and reduces human error. As trials keep evolving in complexity, it is becoming more apparent that the same, old procedures aren’t keeping up. Inspection findings are much more costly than adopting the right technology, procedures, and best practices.’s eRegBinder product is a purpose-built solution, designed to help organizations meet their regulatory compliance requirements in clinical trials.

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