Volunteer Payment System

ClinicallyPay eliminates the time and friction of paying study participants by enabling you to automatically link payments with studies and individual visits and track payment and reimbursement history. Granular control allows delegating compensation responsibility, eliminating the administrative burden, and freeing you and your research staff to focus on patients. The built-in oversight simplifies finances, study cost attribution and eliminates mistakes.

With ClinicallyPay, you can trust that your financial transactions are safe and protected. Our secure, HIPAA and Part 11 compliant platform eliminates the need for cash and checks, thereby not only saving time but also significantly reducing the risk of fraud. This ensures that you can focus on your research, knowing that your financial transactions are in safe hands.

ClinicallyPay enables you to seamlessly pay participants, ensuring they have a great experience, thereby improving retention rate.

Improve Retention Rate

Instantly compensate participants, improving satisfaction and retention.

Eliminate Cash & Reduce Fraud Risk

Eliminate the hassle of cash and checks, saving precious time and ensuring secure and auditable transactions. Utilize the finance dashboard and detailed audit trail to supervise payments and reduce fraud risk.

Improve Participant Engagement

Empower participants with a range of payment options tailored to their preferences, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for everyone involved.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Enable automatic debit card inventory tracking and reordering to ensure you always have cards on hand. Automated account balance alerts ensure you're in control of your finances.

Safe & Secure

Granular permissions allow controlling access & payment privileges, ensuring only authorized personnel can issue payments and view financial details.

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