Electronic Signatures & Document Management for Life Sciences and Health Care Industries

Electronic signatures are the gold standard for efficiency, security, and convenience. They are legally binding for most transactions in the United States and globally, making eSignature functionality a must have for organizations of all sizes.

Electronic signatures in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industries demand additional security, privacy, and protection beyond the generally mandated federal standards. That is why we purpose-built Research Suite from the ground up, keeping in mind the rigorous demands and regulatory requirements specific to the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries.  

Secure Document Storage & Management

The rigorous documentation, audit trail, and privacy requirements in Life Sciences & Healthcare industries demand a purpose-built solution. Our DMS (Document Management Solution) features secure, high availability cloud storage with granular permissions and detailed audit history.

Create repositories (document collections) separated by project, department, or any desired attribute

Add folders to support your unique requirements, then assign them permissions to ensure an appropriate level of access

Use our out-of-the-box permissions or define custom permissions conforming to your organizational needs

Signature Management

Gathering signatures is a common task in the Life Sciences and healthcare industries. Whether preparing an FDA submission, signing non-disclosures, or executing employment agreements, our solution supports your unique needs.

Automated signature reminders & custom dashboard for displaying outstanding signatures.

Issue signatures to internal & external signers - signers don’t require an account to sign documents.

Sign from a mobile device

Privacy, Security & Collaboration

The complexity and scale of operating in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries often require collaborating with multiple stakeholders inside and outside your organization. 

Securely share documents within your organization and with external collaborators

Create internal & external teams and clearly delineate their permissions, ensuring security, privacy, and regulatory compliance

Part 11 Compliant

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 adds an extra layer of regulatory requirements not addressed in ESIGN or UETA. Our electronic signature solution meets the high bar mandated by Part 11.

Use Research Suite to go beyond signatures. Organize your contracts, budgets, and all documents using our secure, Part 11, and HIPAA compliant solution.

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