Decentralized & Hybrid Clinical Trials

DCT Benefits Research Suite offers unparalleled DCT & hybrid trial capabilities. We reduce time to market by eliminating friction inherent in conducting large scale clinical trials. 

DCT offers Sponsors access to a vastly larger and more diverse patient population as compared to traditional trials. However, DCT carries unique challenges not encountered in conventional trials. The right technology, often not offered by traditional clinical technology vendors, is key to a successful decentralized trial. is purpose-built to stand up to this challenge.

Reduce Site Initiation and Study Startup Time

Highly customizable design, preloaded “sensible defaults” and’s best in class customer support means you no longer must spend countless hours chasing signatures, gathering essential documents, training staff, and making multiple site visits.

Intuitive & Seamless to Adopt

Long gone are the days of spending valuable time sitting through hours of training. Research Suite utilizes the latest in modern and intuitive user interface design, thereby eliminating countless hours spent learning and adopting a new system.

Granular Oversight With Advanced Security

Detailed & searchable access logs, alerts, and customizable permissions enable you to efficiently conduct oversight and fine-tune your study workflows. You control the components deployed to each DCT site and predefine the level of allowed customization.

Standardized Yet Flexible

Deploy new sites in minutes with pre-defined ISF folder structure, source documents, study logs, and security configuration. Eliminate the friction to adopting Research Suite by permitting sites to customize CRS per their SOPs, but retain control of the level of customization allowed by each DCT participant.

“eRegBinder has saved us so much time and makes regulatory much more efficient. The ability to document training and delegation electronically has played a huge role in improving our workflow.” 

Patricia Larrabee, NP

Founder & CEO,
Rochester Clinical Research

“We, as a site, love using eRegBinder. As the administrator of the system, I’m impressed with the functionality, level of customization, and quick and efficient responsiveness of’s customer support.”

Matt Lowery, ACRP-CP, CCRC

Director of Clinical Research,
Suncoast Neuroscience Associates

“ is a prompt service provider who is sincere in their approach and steadfast to continue to develop their platform to meet our needs. We were able to leverage the efficiencies of eRegBinder to facilitate the transition of over 50 trials to a new research location.”

Nathan Morton

CCRC Senior Director / Co-Owner
Coastal Carolina Research Center

“As a busy research site that has historically conducted over 700 industry clinical trials. has been crucial to a workforce that is increasingly remote or working within flexible working environments, enhancing our ability to organize our study documents and processing regulatory documents.”

Nathan Morton

CCRC Senior Director / Co-Owner
Coastal Carolina Research Center

“On January 1st, 2021, we were able to leverage the efficiencies of their eRegBinder to facilitate the transition of over 50 trials to a new research location.”

Nathan Morton

CCRC Senior Director / Co-Owner
Coastal Carolina Research Center

“I’m impressed with the operational efficiency we achieved with’s platform. The ability to sign documents digitally, track expirations, and set up alerts & reminders enabled us to take on more trials while maintaining the highest quality.”

Executive Leader

Baptist Health
Center for Clinical Research

“As an academic center, we conduct a myriad of clinical trials, clinical research, and pre-clinical/biomedical research. The use of’s research suite has simplified our document management, helped streamlined our processes, and overall improved our efficiencies.”

Dr. Amoy Fraser

Manager, Clinical Research
University of Central Florida College of Medicine

“ products are user-friendly and intuitive. It is evident that is committed to the support of their customers’ research sites and the overall advancement of clinical trials.” 

Dr. Amoy Fraser

Manager, Clinical Research
University of Central Florida College of Medicine

“It is funny that now that Clinically is implemented, nobody wants to sign a paper anymore! Not even our staff! It is definitely saving us a lot of time!”

Maria Fernanda Mancheno

VP of Quality & Regulatory Affairs
FOMAT Medical Research

aaron weinberg

Making clinical research an integrated care offering in a national health system requires an efficient, comprehensive software solution that satisfies regulatory requirements while being intuitive and user-friendly for those whose priority is patient care. checked all the boxes and far exceeded our expectations. 

Aaron Weinberg

National Medical Director of Clinical Research
Research Division/Program Co-Founder at Carbon Health

image of aaron weinberg

Essential Technology at Your Fingertips

Powerful document management features enable you to track essential study documents across all participating sites.

Part 11 compliant eSignatures reduce the time and friction to study startup and subsequent signature gathering.

The most intuitive and customizable eSource in the industry enables you to easily track progress and deploy protocol updates.

eConsent reduces regulatory risk by ensuring compliance.

Cost Effective Research Suite saves you time and money by reducing time to market and the cost of conducting your trial.

We are not a one-stop shop. delivers unmatched results by focusing on clinical research technology and providing you with best-in-class, field-tested, and proven DCT solution.

Hundreds of research sites, hospitals, academic research institutions, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies utilize Research Suite. Please contact us to learn more about our capabilities and discuss how we can help you achieve your objectives!

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