Meet regulatory compliance requirements in clinical trials.

Meet Legal and Regulatory Obligations

eRegBinder allows clinical research sites to seamlessly meet legal and regulatory obligations so they can focus on their core business. Reduce your regulatory burden by automatically tracking the full life cycle of all documents, logs and correspondence required for conducting clinical trials.

Reduce Mistakes

The system reduces mistakes by tracking required documents, (e.g., Form 1572), signatures, and timelines, as well as offering automatic alerts on missing data. Time spent on regulatory compliance is minimized, helping you avoid spending employee time on fixing mistakes, omissions or missing information. Stay updated on the status of your regulatory requirements using our notifications system.

Initiate Studies Faster

Reduce time to initiate studies, differentiating yourself from your peers in the eyes of sponsors and CROs.’s electronic signature and log features help you cut down study launch times, start to earn a profit sooner and capture more business.

Improve Compliance

Compliant with FDA’s Title 21 CFR Part 11, ICH GCP E6 (R2) guidelines, as well as with HIPAA compliance, specifically as it relates to access, audit, integrity and transmission security.

“eRegBinder has saved us so much time and makes regulatory much more efficient. The ability to document training and delegation electronically has played a huge role in improving our workflow.” 

Patricia Larrabee, NP

Founder & CEO,
Rochester Clinical Research

“We, as a site, love using eRegBinder. As the administrator of the system, I’m impressed with the functionality, level of customization, and quick and efficient responsiveness of’s customer support.”

Matt Lowery, ACRP-CP, CCRC

Director of Clinical Research,
Suncoast Neuroscience Associates

“ is a prompt service provider who is sincere in their approach and steadfast to continue to develop their platform to meet our needs. We were able to leverage the efficiencies of eRegBinder to facilitate the transition of over 50 trials to a new research location.”

Nathan Morton

CCRC Senior Director / Co-Owner
Coastal Carolina Research Center

“As a busy research site that has historically conducted over 700 industry clinical trials. has been crucial to a workforce that is increasingly remote or working within flexible working environments, enhancing our ability to organize our study documents and processing regulatory documents.”

Nathan Morton

CCRC Senior Director / Co-Owner
Coastal Carolina Research Center

“On January 1st, 2021, we were able to leverage the efficiencies of their eRegBinder to facilitate the transition of over 50 trials to a new research location.”

Nathan Morton

CCRC Senior Director / Co-Owner
Coastal Carolina Research Center

“I’m impressed with the operational efficiency we achieved with’s platform. The ability to sign documents digitally, track expirations, and set up alerts & reminders enabled us to take on more trials while maintaining the highest quality.”

Executive Leader

Baptist Health
Center for Clinical Research

“As an academic center, we conduct a myriad of clinical trials, clinical research, and pre-clinical/biomedical research. The use of’s research suite has simplified our document management, helped streamlined our processes, and overall improved our efficiencies.”

Dr. Amoy Fraser

Manager, Clinical Research
University of Central Florida College of Medicine

“ products are user-friendly and intuitive. It is evident that is committed to the support of their customers’ research sites and the overall advancement of clinical trials.” 

Dr. Amoy Fraser

Manager, Clinical Research
University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Learn more about eRegBinder

Yes. All documents uploaded to the platform can be routed for signature. Signatures are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. The signee does not need to be part of your organization to sign a document. We do not charge extra for signatures – it is a standard feature.
Yes. Electronic logs are automatically available for each study. You do not need to use the logs, but we highly encourage their use. Doing so will enable you to take advantage of the systems’ smart alerts on deviations and unlock other valuable features.
Yes. You can grant access to CRAs, remote monitors, consultants, and other 3rd parties. You decide the session start/end times, and you can limit access to specific protocols and a subset of documents or folders.
Yes. Email uploads are one of the many ways in which documents can be uploaded into our system. Images, links, and attached documents are all preserved when sent via email into any folder in your ISF.

Yes. You decide who can access your data and the access level, e.g., read-only, read/write, download, etc. Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Fine-grained security permissions are applied to restrict access based on your internal SOPs.

No, we never charge for training. We offer training during the onboarding process, and anytime you request. We are happy to train new staff, 3rd parties and give refreshers. We always customize training to your specific needs.
A study can be started within hours of obtaining access to the platform. You can start using as few or as many features as you need. You do not need to learn the entire platform to be productive. The product is configured with “sensible defaults,” which means you do not need to go through hours of configuration to get started.
Yes. Our platform is API driven, which means it integrates with all modern products. API access comes standard with the license. There are no integration costs.
None. We do NOT charge for any features. You may decide to use as much or as little of the platform as required for you to operate efficiently. You will automatically receive access to new features, which are released frequently.

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