Accelerate & improve data capture in clinical trials

Capturing data during a patient visit using paper is time-consuming and error prone. Are you sure you’re following the latest protocol amendment? Has the subject consented to the most recent ICF version, and you went over AE’s, confirmed all questions are answered, and the answers aren’t contradictory?

Patient visits are nuanced, time-consuming, error prone, and capturing data incorrectly is detrimental to your success. Electronic Source reduces human error, the time of each visit, and the operational burden of maintaining paper source.

eSource eliminates the need to manually redact physical documents.

Seamlessly handle Protocol amendments & ICF updates

Protocol amendments are time-sensitive, disruptive, and laborious. eSource, allows you to instantly update all outstanding visits with the instructions from the latest Protocol version. When you’re seeing a patient, you can be sure you are following the latest protocol.

Enable remote monitoring

Redacting paper source documents before sharing them with monitors is time-consuming, and a thing of the past!

Whether preparing for an on-site visit or for remote monitoring,’s customizable “PHI” fields eliminate the need to redact. You are in control of who may view unredacted data. The system will save you countless hours by automatically shielding PHI from unprivileged viewers, eliminating the time spent redacting thousands of fields in hundreds of documents.

Easily search all previous answers

You exerted substantial effort finding and enrolling subjects, compiling Source, and capturing answers. However, after the study is over, you have no way to search the answers to previously asked questions.

eSource allows you to search all answers to previously asked questions, enabling you to find patients for upcoming studies.

Secure Storage Research Suite is Title 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA compliant. Your data is continuously backed up and encrypted in transit and at rest.

Custom Electronic Logs

Stay in control of your data by building custom electronic logs. You are not limited to “pre-canned” AE, Con. Med., IP, or other logs.

The platform allows you to replicate your existing paper logs, thereby reducing adoption time and the need to re-train staff.

Smart Data Validation

Prevent mistakes by utilizing the system’s automatic data validation. Easily configuring I/E criteria to assure protocol compliance and avoid accidental enrollment of ineligible patients.

Support All Study Configurations's eSource supports all study protocols and phases for a wide range of indications such as infectious and rare disease, oncology, pediatrics and cardiology. It's easy to configure eSource to support IP, device and observational studies.

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