How 3 Essential eReg Features Made 2020 a Bit Easier


2020 has been an unpredictable and challenging year by any measure. Clinical research was thrust onto the world stage and into the front lines of the fight against this deadly pandemic. Staff at research sites were forced to adopt new technology at an unprecedented rate while trying to stay six feet apart. The eRegBinder roadmap went out the window in March, as we pivoted to deliver the software enhancements our partners required to conduct this critical research. Below are the three key features that delivered enormous value to our customers during this challenging year.

Remote Monitoring

More than 16,000 planes, which is 62%[1] of all planes globally, were grounded at one time or another. As if that weren’t enough, many States imposed travel restrictions as well. Therefore, site visits became impossible. The remote monitoring and granular permissions features of eRegBinder became indispensable to our partners. They securely shared hundreds of thousands of critical documents with remote monitors, and the ability to restrict downloading allowed our partners to also share source data securely for remote review.

Electronic Logs

Remote monitoring of critical documents and source data is vital. However, that is not enough. You still must provide the sponsor with your delegation and training logs. Enter electronic logs. The ability to delegate and sign for training electronically and provide those logs for review to remote monitors became hugely important when travel was restricted, and social distancing became the “new norm.” By using electronic logs in eRegBinder, our partners were able to operate despite the adverse events of 2020 to keep delivering on the promises they made to sponsors.

Electronic Consent

How do you consent a subject during travel restrictions? If the subject is potentially contagious, would you risk inviting them into your office to only sign a document? eRegBinder not only offers electronic, FDA Part 11 compliant signatures on any document stored on the platform, but the electronic consent feature allowed for subjects to eConsent without risking contagion or breaking travel restrictions. Our partners were able to advance studies in the face of the unique and immense challenges brought on by the pandemic.

These features delivered a disproportionate amount of value, they are only a small subset of the rich functionality offered by eRegBinder. By leveraging eRegBinder our partners were able to not only survive but also to thrive during these challenging times. Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals in the coming year and beyond.