Is Your Site Ready for the “New Normal”?


Most medical and public health professionals agree that COVID-19 will be with us for a long time, leaving a very different world for organizations to navigate. Technology will continue to play an increasing role in every facet of clinical trials as we grapple with COVID today and in the future. Institutions who effectively lean into technology are poised for operational success vs. their less tech savvy peers. Those same tech-enabled institutions are expected to continue outperforming their counterparts in the post COVID world, capturing greater market share and continuously increasing their profitability margins.

How can you ensure your organization falls into the tech-savvy category, successfully adopting technology and outperforming your peers?

To find out the answers, we partnered with ACRP to interview the CEO of one such organization to learn their winning recipe. Patricia Larrabee, the CEO of Rochester Clinical Research, discusses how RCR was able to adopt new technology and overcome internal resistance, thereby improving operational efficiency and enabling RCR to operate during the pandemic and beyond.

Please follow the link below to listen to the interview:

Wide variety of topics are covered, including:

  • Times have changed. How to deal with resistance when it happens!
  • How to adjust your SOP’s to adopt new technology?
  • Will continued remote work and access increase efficiency throughout the organization?
  • Is there a benefit to “new” vs “old” technology- does the platform matter?
  • How can sites justify/ recoup some of the costs associated with eReg?

Click Here to Download the accompanying slides: