Software Lifting The Clinical Trials Regulatory Load

* eRegBinder software streamlines the regulatory process for the clinical trials industry
* Current clinical trials software for regulatory requirements is costly, outdated and inefficient


White Plains, NY – This month marks the official launch of a brand new website for, a provider of tailored technology solutions serving the needs of the clinical trials industry. Launching with their first product, eRegBinder, the company’s flagship offering was explicitly designed to make healthcare’s regulatory demands less cumbersome to administer, as well as reduce regulatory filing errors and save staff time. With eRegBinder software, clinical trials sites don’t have to use 20th century software technology and techniques while working on 21st century medicine and therapies. was founded by Henry Kravchenko, who is also serving as CEO. Kravchenko started the company after noticing piles of compliance document boxes, 3 hole punch binders and outdated workflows at clinical trials sites he visited.


“I’ve seen firsthand how much time my clinical staff wastes chasing down signatures and missing documents. It is long past time for a software solution to address this void.” – site owner


Kravchenko combines over 20 years of experience in financial technology with a master’s degree from Stanford in Business Administration. While working as a CTO and Head of Technology at top tier hedge funds, it was imperative to stay on the forefront of software trends, the latest in cyber security threats and the financial industry’s shifting regulatory requirements. Key to the organization are partnership agreements entered into with owners of investigator sites, who bring decades of experience running successful, multi-million dollar dedicated research sites.

Details on the power of’s eRegBinder software, as well as opportunities for developers to join the team can be found on the company website. Features of eRegBinder include:

* Streamline regulatory binder organization, matching your existing SOPs, minimizing transition time, maximizing adoption, and reducing mistakes.
* Remotely sign documents from anywhere in the world, including from your phone.
* Alerting on missing data, i.e. documents, signatures, expiration dates and potential red flags.


Business owners can leverage the technology to ensure regulatory compliance is in order at their site, and instead focus on generating study revenue, serve their patient population, and optimize staff time. In a heavily regulated industry, staying on top of your compliance sets a clinical trial site apart from competitors and makes businesses more attractive candidates to study sponsors.


“We are prioritizing serving the needs of clinical trials sites, both at small sites and large hospitals and institutions, so that the healthcare industry no longer lags in its use of the latest technology”. – Henry Kravchenko