Reduce time to market with Research Suite enables sponsors to reduce the time it takes to bring drugs to market.’s platform eliminates delays by digitizing documents, eliminating manual workflows, and integrating intelligent computer systems into every step of clinical trials. Sites can start up trials in days while providing full oversight to Sponsors. The reduced friction of working with numerous, globally distributed sites enables Sponsors to bring drugs to market in record time.

Sponsors are able to remotely monitor thousands of sites. There is no longer a need for delays caused by the time it takes to travel on-site or login into multiple portals. The platform is highly customizable, by both Sponsors and sites, eliminating the need to change your workflows or require all sites to conform to a single approach. By configuring rules and alerts, the platform allows real-time monitoring of critical study documents, source data, and study logs.

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Reduction in time it takes to perform common, every-day queries. 

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Improvement in time to activate sites.

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Eliminate manual labor by integrating our platform into your systems, thereby improving efficiency. Eliminate the need to manually check the status of documents, events, and workflows.

Our platform is API-driven, which means the data stored in the platform can be programmatically accessed via a Sponsor’s in-house system, integrated with TMF & EDC platforms, and aggregated for analysis & reporting.

Set up alerts based on any of the hundreds of granular events generated by the platform. All data points can be automatically tracked and alerted on.

Access controls, audit logs, and granular permissions guarantee your data’s validity, traceability, and security. Our platform integrates adaptive authentication to protect data against unauthorized access.

Query data stored in the platform and display the results in a format that conforms with your internal conventions. Set up mappings and easily aggregate all data points into a single, consistent source of truth.


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