When you ask clients to trust you – your product, service, tool, or opinion – it is important to define the word itself. What is trust? We can ask you to trust us, but what are the building blocks of trust? The definition written by Joel Peterson rings the most true to us. He writes that trust is grounded in 3 principles: character, competence, and authority. Each of these principles is distinct and therefore must be present to garner real trust. The principle of character indicates the level to which someone we trust will genuinely value our interests as much as they value their own. Competence means those we trust also possess the intelligence, training, and ability to truly achieve our goals. Finally, authority means we empower those we trust to deliver on promises.

Once you become our client, you have empowered us to deliver on our promises. You trust us with your business. Consequently, we are responsible for doing everything in our power to help you succeed and achieve your business goals. Naturally, it in is our interest to see that you do so. Our competence comes from decades of experience building mission-critical systems and leading technology initiatives. Most importantly our competence also comes from admitting we don’t always have all the answers and subsequently marshaling resources to deliver on our promise to you. It is through our competence and experience-based authority that we expect to demonstrate that we have the character to garner your trust, but more on character in a moment.

Our clients can rely on the fact that their security and best interests are at the forefront of our company – in fact, they are integral to how we’ve designed our software. As such, we aim to not only meet the FDA and ICH standards as they relate to clinical trials, but to exceed them. System security and the security of your data is at paramount to every decision we make. To that end, we have executed a Business Associate Agreement with AWS, the platform on which is built. This means we’re only allowed to use services designated as HIPAA-eligible. We are implementing intrusion detection and prevention services to help catch bad actors, hacking attempts and data loss. By implementing these measures at the lowest level in our code we’re able to quickly detect malicious actors who are trying to access or steal your data, and prevent them from doing so. All systems are redundant where necessary and are continuously backed up by AWS. All activity is logged, and the logs are isolated and retained providing detailed audit history and ability to track and attribute all changes. We do all of this because we know that these are important to the smooth running of your business, and that is what we strive for.

Character can’t be bluffed, disguised or concealed. In the long-lasting and enduring relationships we form with our clients, character is always revealed. I’m sure you’ll like what you see.

Source: The 10 Laws of Trust by Joel Patterson