Visit at the MAGI Clinical Research Cloud Conference

SHARE will be one of a handful of exhibitors participating in the first  MAGI Clinical Research Cloud Conference. 

With COVID-19 causing a complete disruption to travel and large group gatherings, the world of conferences has suffered greatly.  Why have conferences become so popular across all industries?  Conferences serve a multitude of purposes for those who attend:

  • Education – Often times, conferences provide valuable recertification credits, present new information, and provide access to industry experts and speakers on relevant industry topics. Conferences are a rare opportunity to learn from peers. Session Q &A can vary greatly from one conference to another, even if the topic is the same.
  • Community – Conferences provide a forum for colleagues nationwide to re-connect, where like-minded individuals can come together to share new, fresh, and insightful ideas.  They provide a way for you to expand your network by providing a forum for you to build new relationships in your field.
  • Exhibits –  Some may scoff at feeling obligated to visit exhibitors at conferences, but there is true value in being introduced to new cutting-edge technologies in your field, highly respected support services, or just have a chance to speak with someone in real-time, on a more personal level. Sometimes as a practitioner in your field you may not have been aware of how a new technology product you didn’t know existed may benefit you and your operations.
  • Speaking Opportunities – There are many people who turn to conferences to enhance their profile as an industry expert, as a go-to resource by presenting informative sessions, or by participating in panels.

As the country continued its shut down, many organizations were forced to find ways to pivot while still educating their members. One such conference that was set to attend was the MAGI (Model Agreements & Guidelines International )East conference, scheduled to be held in Philadelphia, PA April 17th – 19th, 2020.

With consideration being given to COVID-19 safety, is it still possible to take advantage of the benefits an in-person conference would provide?

Enter MAGI’s Clinical Research Cloud Conference 2020 – 49 sessions and workshops over eight days in eight tracks: clinical operations, project management & risk management; site management; regulatory compliance; contracts; budgets & billing; professional skills; working together; and special topics. Sixteen sessions address how COVID-19 will change clinical research. Listen to session and workshop recordings during the conference and the following week. 130+ speakers with diverse expertise and backgrounds.

“We are excited to support MAGI’s Cloud Conference 2020. While meeting attendees in person is usually a highlight of a conference for us, we are glad to be able to interact with many clinical trial professionals in this unique virtual setting.” – Angel Pettitt, EVP of Business Operations at an exhibitor at the MAGI Cloud Conference 2020.

For more information about the event and to visit’s exhibit please visit MAGI Clinical Research Cloud Conference 2020

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